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— Story —

Photo - Nora Morrison 

My name in Bryanna Bradley, I am a professionally trained photojournalist turned wedding photographer. 

As my photography has moved away from journalism and more towards weddings I still hold documentary style photography close to my heart. I have a strong affinity towards natural lighting, beautiful giggles, and contrasting colours. My passion for documenting the raw beauty of emotions has not changed. My style of wedding photography is based on people and the experience of getting married, including all the little moments. This being said, I have experience shooting a wide variety of different circumstances and events and I am always willing to work with a couple in a creative way they feel comfortable. 

When I am hired to be a part of a wedding, I value the trust that a couple has in me and my photography. The most important part of being hired as a photographer, is being involved in the whole wedding process. I thrive to work as close as possible with my clients to make sure they feel confident, happy, and most importantly, excited about the moments I will be capturing on their big day. I make sure to set up at least one consultation, and ideally a walk through of the location with the couple prior to the wedding. 

I look forward to working with you,

Bryanna Bradley